Students complete Duke of Edinburgh expedition

In a crazy year of restrictions and a curfew the activities available for the Duke of Edinburgh adventurous Journey were very limited. However, we are lucky enough to have the Guadiamar river that runs close by and the whole length of the river runs within Sevilla province. So both the Bronze and Silver participants were […]

Inside ISA, the school newspaper made 100% by our students

During this academic year, a group of Year 12 students have created INSIDE ISA, the school newspaper. This project is part of the student leadership programme through which we support our students to develop and participate in different projects. In addition, carrying out this type of project improves the students’ ability to work in teams […]

Our students are already enjoying their swimming lessons

Mr Campbell’s PE classes have moved to our pool! Through swimming our students improve their motor coordination, circulatory and respiratory systems. In addition, incorporating swimming into our curriculum develops independence and self-confidence.  

Highest grade in Spain in the Cambridge IGCSE for Spanish as a First Language

Andrea and Elsa from Year 12 have achieved the highest grade in Spain in the Cambridge IGCSE for Spanish as a First Language in the November 2020 exams – congratulations! It is a pleasure for us to see our students achieving excellent results in their official exams as a reward for their hard work and […]

Our students launch a project into space to test Einstein’s theory of relativity

Irene, Maxime, Ángela and Carlos, Year 13 students (2nd Baccalaureate) have been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to carry out their research project on the International Space Station. Their project was chosen from all those submitted by young people from ESA member states, plus Slovenia, Canada, Latvia and Malta. The students, encouraged by […]

ISA enters El Español Ranking as one of the top 20 International Schools

We are in luck! Our school International School Andalucía has been selected as one of the 100 Best Schools in the country in the Ranking of the Spanish Newspaper El Español. We are also mentioned in the list of the 20 International Schools. You can see the ranking published by the newspaper here.

13 secondary school students are taking part in MUNDP 2021 this year dedicated to East Asia and Pacific

Model United Nations is a programme where young people can participate in an educational simulation of the United Nations and discuss ongoing political developments and diplomacy. Participants are assigned a country or non-governmental organisation (NGO) to represent in their committee, playing the role of a diplomat and thus participating as a delegate.  The conference took […]

Entrevista a Natalia Cáceres, nuestra directora.

A Natalia le apasiona el poder de transformación que tiene la educación, por ello decidió hace más de 20 años que quería dedicarse a la labor docente. Considera que cada alumno debe ser valorado como un individuo y la labor del educador es motivarlos para que pueda desarrollar su máximo potencial y sea feliz. ¿Qué […]

A new edition of the ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange begins

Belonging to the International Schools Partnership has many advantages. This year our students can participate in the ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange Program, an eight-week international initiative that consists of weekly 45-minute video calls with other ISP students around the world and is designed for students between the ages of 12 and 17. The VBEP offers [...]

Back to school safely at The International School Andalucia

There is less left to welcome our students again and we have everything prepared for a safe and successful face-to-face return. The wellbeing and health of our students and employees are our priority. We have prepared an action protocol and we have established new routines that ensure social safety distance and all hygiene protocols, without […]